The County

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A government administrative reform created the district of Mainz-Bingen in 1969. The district covers 606 square kilometers from Guntersblum to Bacharach and its boundary stretches for 80 kilometers directly along the Rhine river. In many of the 66 towns and communities of the district, monuments testify to the long and eventful history of the region. One of the main features of the county is the world famous wine that is produced in three areas: the Mittelrhine, the Nahe, and the Rhinehessen. The area of the Mittelrhinetal (Middle Rhine Valley), between Bingen and Bacharach, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002. Located at the edge of the Rhine-Main area, Mainz-Bingen is connected to this metropolitan area via the highways, the Rhine (Europe’s largest waterway), the rail network, and the excellent public transportation system. Area airports in Frankfurt and Hahn (Hunsrück) connect the county with the entire world.

Mainz-Bingen is one of the few regions in which the population continues to grow. This brings with it a particular responsibility toward families, children and youth. The reconcilability of family and work is therefore an important socio-political issue and responsibility, which the county addresses with deep commitment. The goal is to offer all parents a child-care opportunity suited to their individual needs. The district’s massive expansion project continues to provide a large increase in the number of available places in various types of day-care centers in order to meet these needs.

Despite its modern structure and economic strength, the area has kept its original charm and provides a varied recreational offering. The broad variety of registered and non-registered clubs means there’s something to suit everyone. Besides that, a study has shown that more than half the district’s population is involved in volunteer work in clubs. The county supports this commitment with financial backing for projects that are otherwise supported entirely by volunteers.

There are many things that speak for Mainz-Bingen: excellent infrastructure, outstanding day-care and school offerings, institutions for further education, an incomparable landscape, social facilities, cultural activities and plentiful recreational activities. Above all, the people here are special; they are cosmopolitan, welcoming, and hospitable. Although they may seem unassuming, they are always willing to share their tables in wine taverns and restaurants.