Partnerships in general

The district has strong and vibrant partnerships to strengthen the contact with people in other countries, thus contributing to peace and the growing together of countries and continents.

The district co-ordinates, organises and implements joint youth exchange programmes, specialist conferences, visits and study and professional training stays. During public events within the context of the existing partnerships citizens may use the opportunity to actively and creatively participate in the partnership events.

Numerous communities and towns have close bonds with other countries, particularly with partner communities and towns in Italy and Poland. Regular contacts, visits and projects show that these friendships are deeply routed in the hearts of the people, across borders and large distances.

The district has partnerships with the following communities:

Province of Verona (Italy, Venetia Region)

The first partnership was established in 1952 with the Province of Verona and is today one of the oldest municipal partnerships in Europe. The partnership is essentially funded by the individual municipalities. There are now already fourteen partnerships between German and Italian municipalities. A further eight associations and schools have partnership connections.

Rusumo District (Rwanda, Kirehe District)

From 1987, the Mainz-Bingen District has had a partnership with the Rusumo Municipality. In 1989, Friends of the “Landkreis Mainz-Bingen – Distrikt Rusumo e. V.” was established. Numerous aid projects in co-operation with the Department of Interior and Sport could be realised in the Rusumo district through members' contributions and donations. The work of the Friends is financially supported through events like the "Tagwerk" campaign or donation drives at the "Tag der offnen Tür".

Nysa District (Oppeln Administrative District)

Based on the invitation of the state government, which has a partnership with the administrative district of Oppeln, the partnership document was signed with the Nysa district in June 2001. An important major aspect of the relationship is the promotion of meetings particularly of young people, the extension of existing contacts, the breaking down of preconceived ideas and communication and cementing of the friendly relations in order to contribute towards peace in Europe.

Association of local municipalities of Beaune Côte & Sud (France, Burgundy region)

Since 2011, there have also been friendly relations with the association of local municipalities of Beaune Côte & Sud in the Burgundy region.