Culture in the district Mainz-Bingen

As everywhere else in Rhine-Hesse, wine culture and the cultural landscape form an inseparable unit. One of the examples for this is a wine tasting competition ("Weinsensorik") which was successfully introduced under the theme: "Best nose for wine in the Mainz-Bingen District" and is recognised nationwide. A further example is the series "Rhine-Hesse reads“, which is offered in the Mainz-Bingen and Alzey-Worms Districts. In this connection, further readings were offered in Mainz and Worms on wine farms and in seasonally open wine tasting places. The idea for this came from the journalist and author Wolfhard Klein and was taken up by the "Kultur im Landkreis" Mainz-Bingen Foundation in conjunction with the Mainz-Bingen District ongoing adult education centre and gladly accepted by their neighbours Alzey-Worms, Mainz and Worms. However, it is not only in wine connoisseurs that the joy of reading should be stimulated. Thus the "Kultur im Landkreis" Foundation annually organises the district award in connection with the reading competition of the German Book Trade, which was given to national champion Vanessa Tuck of Bingen in 2004. Raphael Bravo of the school for children with special needs in Nieder-Olm, who was the regional champion in 2009, did not quite make it. He drew second place in Berlin in the national finals. And, of course, the "fifth season" of this region needs to be mentioned. Main-Bingen culture cannot be imagined without the firm fixture of Shrove Tuesday or the Carnival. The Mainz-Bingen district administration has therefore been presenting the top people of the Mainz-Bingen Karnevalsvereine at the District Shrove Tuesday session since 1999 - until 2005 in co-operation with the Nieder-Olmer Carneval Club (NOCC) and finally, since 2006, with the Carneval-Verein Entenbrüder 1900 e.V. Nackenheim. In addition, the "Kultur im Landkreis" Foundation established in 1993 set its sights on the "promotion of a vibrant cultural and artistic diversity" in the district. During times when public funds are short, allowing only the most urgent matters to be dealt with, the Foundation became an important pillar in the promotion of art and culture in the Mainz-Bingen district. Some cultural events of an interregional importance, as for instance the Theatre Festival in Oppenheim, were always financially supported. In addition, funds from the foundation's investments get paid towards exhibitions, concerts and theatre projects. And every year, a Culture Award is advertised, rotating between art, literature and music. The Chairman of the Foundation's advisory board is Claus Schick. Twice annually, this board decides on the distribution of financial support. Thanks to regular donations and a careful investment policy, numerous cultural products could be supported from the Foundations income during the past sixteen years. This includes the Foundation's own events like the concert series "Junge Talente" or exhibitions by artists within the district administration and the annual award of the "Ehrenbrief des Landrats". This award is given in recognition for work in the cultural field done voluntarily for many years. Everything in connection with cultural activities in the district is co-ordinated in the Mainz-Bingen district administration by Ute Poßmann in her position as the person in charge of cultural affairs. From September 2008, the cultural affairs office of the department has been in charge of the Voluntary Social Year in Culture, where a voluntary staff member supports the work in this portfolio.


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