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Business hours

Business hours of the District Administration in Ingelheim, including the Job Centre and the Departments of Veterinary Science and Health of the Mainz-Bingen District Administration:

Monday to Wednesday from 07.00h to 17.00h,
Thursday from 07.00h to 18.00h and
Fridays from 07.00h to 12.30h.
Visiting hours: Daily from 09.00h to 12.00h,
Monday to Wednesday from
14.00h to 15.30h, Thursdays:
extended visiting hours from 14.00h to 18.00h
or by arrangement.

Special visiting hours apply to:
General Building Authorities,
Construction Supervision Agency,
Building Development:

Tuesday and Friday from 09.00h to 12.00h
Thursday from 14.00 to 18.00h

HIV-Counselling and testing at the Mainz Department of Health:
Monday from 12.30h to 14.00h,
Thursday from 14.00 to 17.30h,
out of visiting hours only
after prior arrangement under
0 61 31/ 6 93 33 - 42 58

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Bingen:

daily from 07.30h to 12.00h,
Wed. extended visiting hours until 19.30h

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Oppenheim:

daily from 07.30h to 12.00h,
Mo. extended visiting hours until 19.30h

In urgent cases outside the listed business hours (except for Fridays) please arrange for a personal appointment under the following telephone numbers:

Bingen: 0 67 21 / 91 71 - 53 28
Oppenheim: 0 61 33 / 94 03 - 53 65

Making an appointment is possible only for the next day and not more than one week in advance.
This does not apply to: temporary licence plates, export licence plates and seasonal number plates.

The Civic Centre is the single point of contact for the citizens. Here, you get yellow bags for recycling, general information material, home country year books, nappy bags, pollution rating certification discs, personalised number plates, vouchers for learning aids as well as applications for agricultural development, driving licences, determination of the income-dependent parents' contribution for day-care centres, support for extra-curricular youth education or benefits for the maintenance advance. Our staff will be happy to show you the way to the relevant departments. The issued applications will then also be taken back by the Civic Centre and passed on. In addition, appeals before the County Justice Select Committee are accepted here and official proof of authenticity issued.

Further Informations