Support for training and the labour market

What is the right career for me?

What training opportunities are there for me?
Which job do I have the aptitude for?
Which job would I enjoy?

The website is one of services provided by the Federal Employment Agency and seeks to help young people find a job which matches their interests and capitalises on their strengths.

Lift-off to planet "job"?

The website is another service provided by the Federal Employment Agency and answers questions as to how skills and talent can be put to best use on the job market and provides information about training opportunities. The website helps pupils, parents and teachers to think about the relevant skill sets and interests, the best route to take to gain the right qualifications, appropriate work placements and much more.

Mainz-Bingen Job Centre/ service bureau for employers

The district authority of Mainz-Bingen has been an "Optionskommune" since 1 January 2012 which means that it is solely responsible for social security for job-seekers and for the payment of unemployment benefit II. The service bureau for employers has been restructured as part of this pilot initiative. It employs three people to liaise closely with businesses and companies in the district. The aim is to create opportunities for companies and job-seekers, because the service bureau for employers does not merely want to find new jobs for unemployed people but it wants to offer companies solutions which are tailored to their requirements and to recommend people who have the exact qualifications which the companies need.

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Training opportunities at the district adult education centre

The Kreisvolkshochschule Mainz-Bingen adult education centre is a public service provided by the district authority. It enriches the educational infrastructure in the region and helps to develop its potential by offering a wide range of courses, initiating innovative projects, and networking with other key players.
The district adult education centre provides a service which addresses the three main reasons why adults seek education and training:

  • To make up for missed opportunities, e.g. to take or retake school-leaving examinations, gain general and professional qualifications, learn foreign languages or German as a foreign language
  • To expand on and consolidate existing qualifications and key skills, such as media literacy, fluency in languages, communication skills, learning aptitude and social skills
  • To be equipped to meet new requirements and challenges brought about by changes in personal, professional and social circumstances

Keeping the needs of learners in perspective in this way, the district adult education centre focuses on the way in people transition through various educational stages in their lives. The district adult education centre builds bridges for lifelong learning by catering for the personal and vocational needs of its target market.
It also helps people with an immigrant background to make the transition from integration course to the first step on the career ladder.
The district adult education centre runs a careers advice service to guide people through the maze of educational opportunities and training courses in the region.
Some people leave with more than just good advice because they find that they are eligible for continuing education grants.
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Fit for the future and funded for training: QualiScheck

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate will pay up to 500 euros to subsidise vocational training and professional development. Employed people over the age of 45 can qualify for a grant through the QualiScheck scheme. The funds are granted for in-service training courses which teach vocational skills and enhance practical experience. For more information visit

Support for business start-ups

The Verband Deutscher Gründungsinitiativen (VDG)  represents the interests of entrepreneurs looking to set up in business and leads the lobby for small business start-ups. For more information visit


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