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Economic strength of Mainz-Bingen district authority:

Mainz-Bingen ranks among the regions with the strongest economic infrastructures in Germany and boasts the leading economy in Rhineland-Palatinate. Results of research and surveys underline time and time again the family-friendliness, sustainability and economic strength of Mainz-Bingen. The purchasing power in the district is highly above the national average. The gross domestic product at market prices per person employed is above the GDP of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The economic strength is also reflected in the permanently low rate of unemployment.

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Excellent conditions:

The district landscape is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, however, large companies of international repute also have their base in Mainz-Bingen. There are plenty of reasons to locate to Mainz-Bingen which apply equally to agriculture, the manufacturing trade, the service industry or the high-tech sector, including the central location, the vineyards and the cultivated landscape which make it a pleasant place to live, a wide choice of kindergartens and schools, further education establishments, social welfare services, information and advice centres, old people's homes, cultural activities, a wide range of leisure amenities and recreational facilities, and excellent transport links.

The district also boasts an outstanding traffic infrastructure. The Frankfurt/Mainz and Hahn/Hunsrück airports are within easy reach. Not only is there an excellent road network with direct links to the A 60, A 61 and A 63 motorways, but there is also Europe's largest waterway, the river Rhine, flanked by the railway line towards Alzey, Saarbrücken and Bad Kreuznach with connections to the regional and international rail network, not forgetting the excellent public transport services.

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There are also positive developments in tourism. Overnight bookings and tourist numbers are on the increase. The district authority is blazing a trail in this area, with its commitment to tourist facilities which cater for the needs of the disabled. The district authority has already earned the region first place in the "Region barrierefreier Tourismus" competition for accessible tourist facilities. Another factor which has definitely contributed to the growth in tourism is the quality of the excellent award-winning Rheinhessen, Mittelrhein and Nahe wines grown in the district which have earned national recognition.

There are commercial premises and industrial plots of land on offer in virtually all parts of the district for companies moving to the area. The largest industrial areas are in Budenheim, Bingen, Ingelheim and in the municipalities of Bodenheim, Nieder-Olm and Sprendlingen-Gensingen. 

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When deciding on a location, forward-looking enterprises also apply criteria relevant to employees and families, taking the social conditions and the quality of life into consideration, investigating leisure facilities and education services, and making use of the outstanding services of the district authority. Improvements are always being made to the social infrastructure, schooling and further education facilities.


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