Business start-ups, continuity and succession

Becoming self-employed is a step which requires thorough preparation. There is a wide range of information and advice services and a number of workshops run with the support of various partners in the region. The links below lead to useful resources and will answer your questions about starting up a business or about making arrangements for a business transfer or succession.

CCI resource centres for business start-ups

The start-up resource centres run by the Chambers of Craft, Commerce and Industry provide a great deal of information for people setting up their own business (see
The main services provided by the CCI start-up resource centres are as follows:
  • Information
  • Individual appointments / advice on how to get started and meet the relevant industry standards, and start-up advice and information from tax accountants and lawyers
  • Training sessions
  • Introductory and follow-up workshops

Points of Single Contact (PSC)

Their job is to facilitate the start-up process by taking active steps to help entrepreneurs and companies to obtain the required approvals and relevant permits as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Their brief is to inform, advise and to help service providers to negotiate their way through the administrative channels.
The PSCs work closely with the relevant authorities but do not stray within their remit which is to provide the relevant specialist advice.

Further information on the EU Services Directive.

E. U. L. E. e. V.

The name of this registered association is an acronym of "Erfahrung unterstützt lebendige Existenzgründung" and, as the name suggests, it draws on experience to lend support to new businesses from planning through to start-up.
For further information please visit

Other useful links:

    Online service for entrepreneurs run by the Rhineland-Palatinate CCI working group
  • Existenzgrü
    Business start-up advice provided by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
  • Grü
    National Agency for Women Start-ups Activities and Services (bga) with main topic for 12/2006 - business start-ups with experience and success
    Online service providing help in finding consultants with the right experience to give advice on setting up a business
  • Deutscher Grü
    Information on starting a business and the German award for outstanding entrepreneurs
  • Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau
    Information from the State Ministry of Rhineland-Palatinate for Economic Affairs, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning (MWKEL) on starting a business and making arrangements for business transfer and succession
    Useful checklists provided by the publishing firm Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG which can be downloaded free of charge
  • Fö
    Website for entrepreneurs and self-employed people, lexicon of key business start-up terms provided by the "förderland" information and news service
  • Perspektive 50plus
    Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) "Perspective 50plus" employment initiative
  • Erfahrung ist Zukunft
    Federal Government initiative "Experience - a Chance for the Future"
    BMWi, ZDH, DIHK and KfW website for business succession and start-ups, database research


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