Grants and incentive schemes

Companies and business start-ups in the district can apply for grants under schemes run by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the German government and the European Union.

Small businesses can claim support, for example, under the Rhineland-Palatinate development scheme. Grants are also available for environmental and technological innovations. There is a wide and diverse range of schemes in place in Rhineland-Palatinate to strengthen the economic structure and to support independent small and medium-sized businesses from start-up and consolidation through to expansion (entrepreneurs, freelancers).

The central business development institute in the state is the Investment and Economic Development Bank of Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB). Instruments available for the area of the Mainz-Bingen district authority include loans at reduced rates of interest, loan guarantees, venture capital, letters of credit and shareholding schemes.

The KfW business development bank has a mandate from the German government (80%) and the federal states (20%) to put support programmes in place, especially financing arrangements, for small businesses, private professional practices and business start-ups and for projects involving risk capital, environmental protection, infrastructure, technological advance and innovations, internationally agreed incentive schemes and joint projects in connection with development policy.

The European Commission has set up the "European Small Business Portal" on its website. The Portal has been designed by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and contains information on the EU funding opportunities available for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It also has information about SMEs and for SMEs - from practical advice, policy issues and local contacts right through to links to wider networks.

It is an up-to-date resource and reference on federal state, government and EU funding schemes:

Important information

  • The subsidies (loans) are extended through the principal banks (customer access mechanism). The business development bank works with all the banks and savings banks. The grant applications are collected by the principal bank and forwarded to the business development bank. The business development bank has no influence on the lending decision of the principal bank. Nor does it have any say regarding the collateral stipulated by the bank in respect of any loan.
  • The loan applications must be made before the beginning of the investment project, i.e. before entering into major financial obligations (e.g. signing deeds of sale, supply agreements and building contracts).


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