Promotion of economic development in the Mainz-Bingen district authority

Town councils face enormous challenges these days because of increasing globalisation and the need to champion the assets and advantages of their own particular location. This is reflected not only by the well-being of the local population but also to a great extent by the economic strength of a region. Mainz-Bingen boasts one of strongest economies in Germany and is the leadingLandkreis, or administrative district, in Rhineland-Palatinate. A constant stream of nationwide research papers provide evidence of the economic strength and sustainability of the district.

There is job security in the area, with multinational pharmaceutical company BoehringerIngelheim employing almost 40,000 people worldwide - more than 6,000 of them at the Ingelheim site - and with the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the district. Above-average purchasing power, gross domestic product above the national average, and the consistently low rate of unemployment are just some of the statistics indicative of this economic strength.

The district of Mainz-Bingen features regularly among the front-runners in the economic rankings conducted by the magazine Focus-Money in its annual assessment of more than 400 district authorities and unitary authorities in Germany. Mainz-Bingen also retained its nomination as the best local authority in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2011.

The promotion of trade and industry in the district lends weight to the planning authority of the town councils which see business development as part of their self-governing remit. The district authority acts as the point of contact for firms wishing to relocate to the area, for entrepreneurs looking to set up or expand, and for business start-ups. The head of the district authority and the economic development officer visit the companies in order to cultivate good relations and keep in close contact. The authority promotes the region, acting as coordinator and facilitator, taking on an advisory role, and providing information. This involves liaising and networking with town councils, companies, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Federal Employment Agency, the JobCenter Mainz-Bingen, the chambers of commerce, the Investment and Economic Development Bank, the Rheinhessen business start-up network (run) and a number of other business development establishments.


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