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By virtue of its location, the Mainz-Bingen district authority is a member of the Rheinhessen-Zellertal and Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site LEADER Local Action Groups.

The LEADER initiative (Liaîson entre actions de développement de l’économierurale) is an EU-funded scheme aimed at the development of the rural economy. The funding will allow the potential for development in agriculture and viticulture to be exploited to an even greater extent and will raise the profile of both Rheinhessen-Zellertal as a region of fine wine and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley as a World Heritage Site. The input of the "Local Action Groups" (LAG) at grass roots has been factored into the plans for the development of the regions.

The fundamental breadth of the LEADER initiative comes through the involvement of both public sector institutions and various private sector partners in the brainstorming and project development processes right through to the adoption of the relevant strategies. The total amount allocated from the EU budget to the innovative ideas from the regions and for the regions runs into the millions.
The LAG Rheinhessen-Zellertal has chosen the strapline "Sharing our WineCultureLand" and its aim is to make a key contribution to raising the profile of Rheinhessen and trumpeting what the region has to offer as a leading tourist destination in Germany with the attraction of its fine wines. In seeking to add value, the strategy is to encourage participation in the process at local level from as broad a base as possible. The location of the region, surrounded as it is by densely populated urban areas, is both an opportunity and a challenge. Centred around fine wine, skilled craftsmanship, viticulture, development of tourist infrastructure, marketing, visitor information services, regional products, climate, climate change, culture and identity, the aims of the Leader strategy are to maintain the authentic character of the rural heart of Rheinhessen and Zellertal and to put them firmly on the map.

Having chosen the strapline "Quality of life along the Upper Middle Rhine", the LAG Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site has chosen to concentrate on improving the quality of life at the Upper Middle Rhine UNESCO World Heritage Site, safeguarding a multifunctional living environment with space for recreation, and preserving and developing the cultivated landscapes which give the region its unique character.


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